Surprisingly I'm asked sometimes how I store my shells. To tell the truth, I was asked this question three times; by the way equally often as I was asked about my experiences with the brothers Cossignani. This actually is even more surprising, because rather nobody asked me about dealers. But that's not the topic now. I want to write about special containers with lids, or better say I want to show them, a photo is worth than words in this case.... and I like taking photos. To put it briefly: I use 4 different sizes of boxes and my advice is to buy a larger amount of these choosen kind of boxes. If you have too few and you need some more later and you don't find the same ones, it is very annoying if the lids don't fit correctly on any of the boxes. It will take you a lot of time to find the right box for the lids, if you have opened different containers and get mixed with the lids.*



Top left (Modulor): 59×59×30, top right (Krantz): 65×65×45, bottom left (Modulor): 95×65×65, bottom right (Modulor): 130×95×65 [mm]


Shop I: Modulor
Shop II: Krantz

* I wish I could write like this. Not my translation. Danke Viola!

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